The Unspeakables working in the Space division of the Department of Mysteries are the most brilliant astronomers in the country, though they go completely unknown. The wizarding world has shown little to no interest in exploring the stars, but there are those who prefer unlocking the secrets above to the ones all around them. While some would say wizards cannot move on to another realm before understanding their own, the Unspeakables who work here would claim that understanding that which surrounds us will give us greater clarity and understanding of our own world.

The Unspeakables working in the Space division use information gathered by muggle space exploration to further their own knowledge and understanding of the universe. Regularly they manage to acquire samples from the muggle astrological association for testing. They can be seen as conspiracy theory fanatics at first glimpse, often chasing supposed alien sightings. They have discovered magical extraterrestrials and alien technology. Some of the things and beings being attributed to the effects of the wild magic that is now let loose are actual extraterrestrial in nature and completely unaffected by the wild magic. This is often where the Department of Mysteries most often steps in with the Regulators.

Some of the things Unspeakables are studying in this division:
• The creation and destruction of a star
• The material composition of a star
• The affects of the moon upon people on earth
• Why the moon effects Lycanthropes
• Can the moon's effects on humans and lycanthropes be countered or altered?
• Muggle exploration of the universe
• Gravitational pull and how it may be altered
• The effect of using materials from other planets and stars in potions
• The possibility of other dimensions and planes of existence
• The details of apparition, why and how it works and whether or not this could be utilised off planet
• Is it possible to cause a rift in the wall that separates alternate/parallel worlds if they exist?
• Work with the Time department regarding spacetime and it's alteration
• Space travel through means similar to a portkey
• Adapting alien technology and magics to wizarding use
• Communications with extraterrestrial forms
• Finding out as much as possible about the origins of the extraterrestrials they capture
• Mapping the universe, including which planets are habitable and have intelligent life on them

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