Overview Edit

Kirlian photography is a term used to describe a method of mundane photography. This special method alleges to capture a spiritual manifestation of the "aura" (or life force) surrounding each living thing.

There have been claims that Kirlian photography can capture "phantom images" or residue from items once seen in front of the frame.

History and Process Edit

This style of photography was pioneered in the muggle world of 1939. Semyon Kirlian discovered (by accident) that when an object on a photographic plate was subjected to a high-voltage electrical field, an image was created on the plate.

That image (or aura) looked like a colored halo. Allegedly, this method is a gateway to photographing auras. Some believe it may eventually become a tool to diagnosing illness.

Kirilian photography was not used in the magical world prior to the late 1990s when a novice researcher began using it on battlefields. He had been a part of the Werewolf Retrieval Unit during the war and photography was simply a hobby. He discovered, while taking an image in an area believed a lycanthropic homeland, that auras were appearing on the developed prints, revealing the presence of lingering magic in that area.

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