Vi Marlowe is the only disruptor in the game.

Vi was born with her disruption "condition". Throughout her father's life, he found that occasionally a street light would go out when he passed under it, but his odd quirk was nothing compared to the degree of his daughter's. Vi's condition was only mild when she was born but grew steadily more inconvenient until she hit puberty. Since puberty, however, the degree of affectation has remained the same rather than worsening. Vi finds her 'condition' so debilitating that she can't touch an iPod, a Wii, a computer, blackberry, or a psp without them being internally fried: smoking, sizzling, sparking, or doing other things in their death throes. Usually items manufactured before the end of the Second World War are completely unaffected by Vi's disruption. The more complex the electronic device is, the easier it is to disrupt. The older an item is, the longer it takes for Vi to disrupt it, which is why she uses the oldest cell phone she can, has a car from the late 'fifties, cameras from the war era. She never uses synthetic light when she can use candles. Public transportation is always iffy. When electronic devices are unplugged from their power outlets, Vi has no affect whatsoever on them. Using protective wards also keeps items protected against Vi's 'condition' but for the most part she only wards pieces of technology she encounters on a daily basis and can't keep unplugged indefinitely, such as the telly in her Muggle-inhabited flat, the computers, microwave, video game systems, and the stereo system. They can't afford a dishwasher at Vi's place but when Vi visits her parents her mother has to unplug it before she comes into the house. Her range is about ten feet for disrupting things. She buys light bulbs in bulk though she'll try to avoid using the lights if her flatmates aren't home. The flat's space heaters are ancient and Vi's rarely works. Obviously, her flatmates know there's something not quite right about Vi, so she perpetuates a story that she was electrocuted as a child and has been supercharged and now shorts technology out as a result.