Organizational Facts

Full Name: The Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and Unexplained Phenomena, a division of the Ministry of Magic. The name change occurred in December of 1999 after it began to be recognized that unexplained phenomena was occurring all throughout the United Kingdom. Ministry funds were not available to create a new department and so those events fell under the domain of the Regulators.
Number of Employees: 10-15
Median Age: The majority of Regulators are in their early 20s to mid 40s. It is not a profession in which natural death or retirement comes often.
Jurisdiction: As well as regulation and control, the Regulators are also responsible for capture and sometime execution. Crimes committed by non-humans also fall under the auspices of the Regulators. This is because, due to laws enacted after the war, the code of laws no longer applies to such creatures and in some cases, never has.


Because of the sensitive nature of the work that the Regulators do, it was determined in 2000 that they should move out of the Ministry building. The department took up residence in a historic manor house in Longobard Alley, on the outskirts of wizarding London. (The rest of the Ministry offices are located in the Minister's Staith district.) That home was quickly dubbed "Scamander Park", in laughing reference to Newt Scamander, one of the department's biggest supporters prior to his death during the war.

Noted Officials and Members

The previous head of the Regulators was Quentin Trimble, noted author and student of Dark magics. During his tenure, his management was largely hands-off and most of what he did for the Regulators at the Scamander offices was to keep the Ministry from investigating their work.

Charlie Weasley, previously Senior Field Agent, took up the reins in June of 2008. What his leadership will result in remains to be seen.

Other Staff:
Malcolm Baddock, Field researcher, specialty Potions/Herbs
Katie Bell, Manager, Wales Dragon Preserve
Euphemia Borage, Ambulator
William Burke, Theorist: Ancient Magics
Dexter Cadwallader, Senior Press Liaison
Aidan Chambers, Forensics Expert/Microscopist
Ben Dunstan, Research and Design
Anthony Goldstein, Chief Healer
Winifred Holden, Executioner
Daria Kis, Field Researcher, specialty Psychics
Vi Marlowe, Field Agent/Cryptozoologist
Draco Malfoy, Makes the Coffee
Finn McGill, Security

Former Staff:
Dudley Dursley, Field Agent (deceased)
Seren Fawcett, Medical Examiner and Head of Magical Non-Human and Creature Research
Everrett Mac, Researcher for Magical Non-Human and Creature work

Different Roles within the Department

These are several different positions within the Regulators. The list below is only a partial accounting of roles for this group. Whatever position a Regulator holds, all are expected to take on field research in cases of short staffing.

Examples of Occupations

  • Field researcher
  • Herbologist/Potions expert
  • Cryptozoologist
  • Forensic Examiners
  • Medical Personnel
  • Research and Design (munitions, operations support)
  • Theorist
  • Press Liaison/Public Affairs/International Cooperation
  • Photographer
  • Executioner
  • Administration

Paranormal Specializations

Some Regulators have developed specializations from years of working with the supernatural or from a particular interest. This is not always the case. Having a specialization does not mean that the Regulator in question is always assigned to a case or issue concerning their specialty.

Some potential specializations are: vampires, lycanthropes, mummies, immortals, sidhe, bean sidhe, Seelie and Unseelie Courts, faith healers, vodoun, inferi, conspiracies, retrocognitive events, spirits, ghosts, portraits, psychics, telepathy, time travel, possession, summoning, magic traced through bloodlines, cryogenics, cults, ghouls, neanderthals, ancient magics, cave paintings, spontaneous combustion, freak technology (though this is rare), disappearances, specific historical events, etc.

Enemies and Antagonists

The Regulators have a long-standing vendetta with two groups.

The first group are the Unspeakables, wizards who work for the Ministry of Magic on projects that they cannot discuss with the outside world. It is common for the Unspeakables to step in and take over cases that the Regulators manage to bring to public attention. In return, they take all the credit or lock the information away, never to be released.

The second group is the Witchfinders, a group of muggles that has dedicated itself to stopping the claudestine work of witches and wizards around them. The official stance of the Regulators is to have as little to do with them as possible - the full extent of the organization's powers and ties into muggle government are not known but it is expected that they are significant.

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