Basic information on all our NPCs in Regulation. Those whose names are links have more in depth write ups on the wiki. NPCs organized by last name.

Oswin BackwithEdit

Avatar: none
Occupation: Editor of the Daily Prophet
Role in game: Boss of Astoria Greengrass
Based out of: collectivity

Gaia BarnesEdit

Avatar: Abigail Breslin

Occupation: Soon to be Hogwarts student.
Role in game: Ben's daughter
Based out of: obscenereality

Stella BarnesEdit

Avatar: Sara Bareilles

Occupation/Affiliation: Works as a classroom assistant, Muggle and doesn't concern herself with wizarding politics.
Role in game: Ben's housemate, once lover.
Based out of: obscenereality

Nathan BranwalderEdit

Avatar: Djimon Hounsou

Occupation/Affiliation: Professional gambler, particularly on the illegal end of the spectrum
Role in game: Fred Holden and Trent Smith's eldest brother
Based out of: animus

Shada BurkeEdit

Avatar: Nadia Farès

Occupation/Affiliation: Portrait
Role in game: Will's deceased mother.
Based out of: animus

Sebastian CapperEdit

Avatar: Mark Wahlberg

Occupation/Affiliation: Former Marine, Former Special Forces (Special Boat Service), Mercenary
Role in game: School friend of Charlie Weasley, general gun/hand to be had.
Based out of: letalis

Cho ChangEdit

Avatar: Song Hye-Kyo

Occupation/Affiliation: Journalist for Witch Weekly.
Role in game: Atticus Tuor's fiancee, the Bridebeast.
Based out of: tickingheart

Louis DeyEdit

Avatar: Michael Trucco

Occupation/Affiliation: Deceased
Role in game: Anthony's dead lover. Probably won't come up very often.
Based out of: castofthousands

Rebecca DornyEdit

Avatar: Jacinda Barrett

Occupation/Affiliation: Muggle Occupational Therapist
Role in game: Sister-in-Law of Jaden Dorny, Robert Dorny's wife
Based out of: teris_npcs

Robert DornyEdit

Avatar: Jared Padalecki

Occupation/Affiliation: St Mungo's; Trainee Healer
Role in game: Brother of Jaden Dorny
Based out of: teris_npcs


Avatar: David Boreanaz

Affiliation: Alp
Role in game: An alp a bit older than Ky, an enforcer type
Based out of: sequere_naturam

Cato EwingEdit

Avatar: Pablo Gomez

Occupation/Affiliation: None.
Role in game: Snape's son (6)
Based out of: deprofundis

Helena EwingEdit

Avatar: Lili Taylor

Occupation/Affiliation: Writer
Role in game: Snape's housemate
Based out of: deprofundis

Madoc FawcettEdit

Avatar: Tuomas Holopainen

Occupation/Affiliation: Hit Wizard
Role in game:' Seren's brother, knows Charlie Weasley from school
Based out of: animus

Michael FawcettEdit

Avatar: Mandy Patinkin

Occupation/Affiliation: Business owner, leather worker.
Role in game: Seren's father
Based out of: animus

Sian FawcettEdit

Avatar: Marcia Cross

Occupation/Affiliation: Historian
Role in game: Seren's mother
Based out of: animus

Marcus FlintEdit

Avatar: Joaquin Phoenix

Occupation/Affiliation: Quidditch Player for the Falmouth Falcons
Role in game: Katie Bell's ex, putative father of her daughter, friend of Adrian Pucey
Based out of: TBD

Louisa GolightlyEdit

Occupation/Affiliation: Muggle

Role in game: Rabbit's goddaughter.
Based out of: tickingheart

Astoria Greengrass Edit

Avatar: Olivia Wilde

Occupation: Junior Reporter, Ministry beat - Daily Prophet
Role in game: See above
Based out of: stopthepresses

Tanis Queen GreengrassEdit

Avatar: Elizabeth Taylor

Occupation/Affiliation: Unemployed Socialite
Role in game: Astoria Greengrass' mother
Based out of: collectivity


Avatar: Brandon Routh

Affiliation: Alp
Role in game: An alp a bit older than Ky, an enforcer type
Based out of: sequere_naturam

Toby HardwickeEdit

Avatar: George Eads

Occupation/Affiliation: Healer
Role in game: Assistant to Anthony Goldstein
Based out of: thebrotherskis

Cessily InnisEdit

Avatar: AnnaLee Suicide

Occupation/Affiliation: Squib, works at Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop in Hogsmeade
Role in game: Fred's Friend with Benefits.
Based out of: animus

Bartal KisEdit

Avatar: Stuart Townsend

Occupation/Affiliation: Private tutor.
Role in game: Daria's second eldest brother.
Based out of: thebrotherskis

Domonik KisEdit

Avatar: Oded Fehr

Occupation/Affiliation: Musician.
Role in game: Daria's eldest bro and housemate.
Based out of: thebrotherskis

Jakab KisEdit

Avatar: Wes Bentley

Occupation/Affiliation: Currently unemployed and mooching off Bartal and Nikola.
Role in game: Daria's closest-to-her-age brother.
Based out of: thebrotherskis

Nikola KisEdit

Avatar: Ioan Gruffud

Occupation/Affiliation: Writes for a Hungarian Wizarding paper in Romania.
Role in game: Daria's third eldest brother.
Based out of: thebrotherskis

Arabella MacEdit

Avatar: Chloë Sevigny

Role in game: Twin sister of Everrett Mac
Based out of: lastdayofwonder

Marius MacFaddenEdit

Avatar: Bruce Willis

Occupation/Affilitation: Department of Mysteries
Role in game: Director of the department
Based out of: castofthousands

Archibald MacFustyEdit

Avatar: Gordon Jackson

Occupation/Affiliation: Head of the MacFusty family, in charge of the MacFusty dragon preserve
Role in game: Apart from his role with the dragon preserve, unwanted occasional suitor of Astoria
Based out of: collectivity

Narcissa Black MalfoyEdit

Avatar: Rosamund Pike

Occupation/Affiliation: Former housewife and socialite
Role in game: Deceased; for Draco/pureblood/Death Eater backstories
Based out of: teris_npcs

Oliver MendesEdit

Avatar: Diego Luna

Occupation/Affiliation: Chief Reporter of The Cynic
Role in game Works under Jaden Dorny, writes annoying articles, on/off lover of Jaden Dorny
Based out of: teris_npcs

Oisin MurphyEdit

Avatar: Christoper Eccleston

Occupation/Affiliation: Department of Mysteries
Role in game: Space Unspeakable, works under Graham Pritchard
Based out of: animus

Pansy ParkinsonEdit

Avatar: Mila Kunis

Occupation/Affiliation: Gossip columnist for Witch Weekly
Role in game: Former Slytherin, love/hate pseudo-friendship with Draco Malfoy, will happily link her to anyone else
Based out of: teris_npcs

Drusilla Rosier PuceyEdit

Avatar: Nicole Kidman

Occupation/Affiliation: Stepmother of Adrian Pucey and mother to his sister Ellie
Role in game: Pain in Adrian's arse
Based out of: collectivity

Eleanor PuceyEdit

Avatar: Annasophia Robb

Occupation/Affiliation: Half-sister of Adrian Pucey, of whom he has partial custody
Role in game: Adrian's sister
Based out of: collectivity

Abigail SeinfeldEdit

Avatar: Kristen Schaal

Occupation/Affiliation: Librarian, London Library
Role in game: Works with Ky Janes, is a Muggle and will happily be connected to anyone else on request
Based out of: teris_npcs

Kingsley ShackleboltEdit

Avatar: Samuel L Jackson

Occupation/Affiliation: Head of the Auror Division, Council Member of the Order of the Phoenix
Role in game: See above, also boss of Nymphadora Tonks, general pain in Charlie Weasley's arse, and Bad Motherf%@ker
Based out of: collectivity

Rita SkeeterEdit

Avatar: Miranda Richardson

Occupation/Affiliation: Lead Correspondent, Daily Prophet
Role in game: Professional colleague/rival of Astoria Greengrass (but other players should feel free to borrow her as needed)
Based out of: collectivity

Trent SmithEdit

Avatar: Chris Evans

Occupation/Affiliation: Herbologist
Role in game: Fred's brother.
Based out of: animus

Quentin TrimbleEdit

Avatar: Paul Thomas Anderson

Occupation/Affiliation: Head of the Regulators
Role in game: See above.
Based out of: analyse

Atticus TuorEdit

Avatar: Zachary Levi

Occupation/Affiliation: Publicity Department, Department of Magical Games and Sports
Role in game: Rabbit's not-as-cool brother.
Based out of: tickingheart

Buttercup TuorEdit

Avatar: Amanda Mink

Occupation/Affiliation: Muggle. Current moocher and couch-surfer.
Role in game: Rabbit's 'baby' sister, cigarette thief, and female version of Don Juan.

Gatsby TuorEdit

Avatar: Timothy Olyphant

Occupation/Affiliation: Muggle. Accountant.
Role in game: Rabbit's adrenaline-junky brother, promised to Nymphadora Tonks for future marriage and babymaking purposes.
Based out of: tickingheart

Christopher WarringtonEdit

Avatar: none
Occupation/Affiliation: Barrister, former Regulator
Role in game: Former Regulator, let go in the budget cuts; BFF of Astoria Greengrass
Based out of: collectivity

Percy WeasleyEdit

Avatar: David Tennant

Occupation/Affiliation: Mid-level Ministry bureaucrat
Role in game: Charlie Weasley's brother, general pain in the ass for Regulators
Based out of: collectivity

Ford WilliamsEdit

Avatar: Ian Somerhalder

Occupation/Affiliation: Veterinary Technician.
Role in game: Fred's older brother (adopted but that's so unimportant), another wereleopard and a muggle.
Based out of: animus

Aida ZabiniEdit

Avatar: Angela Bassett

Occupation/Affiliation: Golddigger, herself
Role in game: Blaise's mother, and well, if anyone needs someone to host an overly lavish party, or marry some man in their family that they don't want to live very long, well, yes.
Based out of: sequere_naturam

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