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The Department of Mysteries is found on Level 9 of the Ministry of Magic. All of those who work in the department are called Unspeakables. Unspeakables take an oath that is magically binding to not speak of what they do to anyone outside the department before their training may even begin. No one in the Ministry knows what they do except for the Minister himself. There are severe consequences for any Unspeakable who discusses the particulars of their occupation with anyone who is not also an Unspeakable or cleared for such disclosures. The oath they take upon entering training alerts those in charge of such betrayals. Death is a known consequence of such slip-ups, intentional or not.

The Department of Mysteries does work that is a combination of field work, research and espionage. Magical espionage is handled specifically by their Non-Official Cover Operatives, or NCOs. The main division of the Department is split into the following sub-divisions: Death, Love, Prophecy, Space, Thought, and Time. Unspeakables tend to be of an older sort, rarely receiving new applicants who are actually viable. After all, who applies for a job when they don't know the job's description? Often Unspeakables are recruited. Selection is very careful and the head of the department watches prospectives for a considerable length of time to be certain they are of the temperament and intellect they require as well as having a useful skill set and/or breadth of knowledge.

Intel Divisions Edit

Death, Love, Prophecy, Space, Thought, and Time.

Unspeakables may specialise in up to two intel areas but no more. It is rare for anyone to split there attention between two divisions, though Unspeakables do occasionally move from their original division to a new one later in their career should they be qualified and be willing to go through whatever necessary training may be needed to fill in the gaps from their previous occupational experience in the department. Generally Unspeakables stick to one division at a time since projects often span multiple divisions and Unspeakables from the different divisions will be assigned to work together on those projects.

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The operational portion of the Department of Mysteries is made up of a highly trained group of witches and wizards who are Non-Official Cover Operatives. These witches and wizards perform acts of espionage in the wizarding world. Sometimes their assignments are domestic but most often they take place in other countries. Foreign assignments tend to be for long periods of time and involve infiltrating the Ministries of other countries to ascertain what knowledge they have on any given topic and to steal information on them that they do not have themselves. Assignments may also involve infiltrating specific groups outside of Ministry organisations who may pose a threat to Britain or who have valuable information the British Department of Mysteries desires.

Internal Hierarchy Edit

Outside of the department all employees have one designation: Unspeakable. This includes the person who would be regarded as the head of the department. Only the heads of other Ministry departments and the Minister know which Unspeakable is in charge of the department. The internal hierarchy of the department and responsibilities of each office are as follows:

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The Chief of the department, Liam Jameson, mostly does paperwork. He screens applicants and keeps an eye on potential recruits. Jameson deals with the Minister and other departments, largely informing them that he will not divulge any information. Most often he is battling it out with the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, usually denying their involvement in any catastrophes, with the head of the Regulators, for stealing their cases or blocking their involvement, or the head of the Obliviators, denying being the cause of them having to wipe the minds of a mass amount of muggles at once. He also deals with final say regarding the consequences of any Unspeakable who violates their oath. Any major decisions go through Jameson for final approval or rejection.

Jameson personally runs most of the tests trainees go through with the exception of the psychological battery. He is the person who decides whether or not the results are good enough to continue into training. This includes any tests taken to replace NEWTs scores for those who did not complete their final year at Hogwarts.

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The Director of the department essentially runs it. Marius MacFadden approves or rejects all proposals for experimentation and oversees the heads of each division. Experimentation is observed by him and weekly status reports are delivered for him to be sure things are on course and so any new directions that may be pursued due to findings may be easily brought to his attention.

He is the person responsible for contact with any recruits Jameson clears as being worthy of their attention. MacFadden also oversees all training of new Unspeakables.

In the case of a Commissioner dying without having chosen a successor it is the Director's duty to appoint a new one.

Commissioners Edit

Commissioners are the head of each division (Death, Love, NCOs, Prophecy, Space, Thought, and Time). They work directly under the Director and take their orders from him.

Death Commissioner: Darren Walters
Love Commissioner: Frances O'Connor
Non-Official Cover Operative Commissioner: Amanda Rothberg
Prophecy Commissioner: Fauna Votano
Space Commissioner: Graham Pritchard
Thought Commissioner: Ceral Smith
Time Commissioner: Erastus Invict

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