Full name: Arabella Janet Mac

Date of birth: 12th January 1986, 22

Blood: Muggleborn

Occupation: Parapsychologist funded by erratic and uncertain research grants from private individuals. Arabella often supplements her income by selling information to the Regulators. Truthfully, given her twin's proximity to the organization, she would provide the information regardless but chooses not to disclose that.

Family: Arabella has a twin brother, Everrett, who was born magical unlike herself. Because of him, she possesses some connection to the wizarding world.

Home: Arabella tends to camp in abandoned places and haunted houses due to the nature of her work. She owns a storage unit in Brixton and has been known to sleep there or in her car when absolutely destitute. The rent on the storage unit is always kept paid because of the valuable equipment kept stored there, cameras, meters and the like.

Finances: Lower class but fluctuating, depending on the nature of her work.

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